Essay on Money : Its Uses and Abuses

Essay on Money : Its Uses and Abuses.

Riches I hold in light esteem,

and love I laugh to scorn;

And lust of fame was but a dream,

That vanished with the morn.

Introduction: ( Essay on Money )

Money is the basis of our society. Money not only provides the necessaries and amenities of life but also enables us to practise virtue and attain our cherished ambitions. Uses of money: Money gives us food, shelter and privacy. It permits us to be clean in person, it opens for us the doors of the theatre. It gives us books for study or pleasure. Money enables us to help the poor and the needy. It puts us above necessity so that we can choose the best of life. If we have scruples, it gives us an opportunity to be honest. If we have any bright designs, money paves the way to accomplish them. Without money life is impossible. Money buys us the necessities of life and things of luxury and comfort.

Love of money:

After knowledge, there is only one passion which has done so much good to mankind and that is the love of money. It is to the love of money that we own all trade and commerce. They have given us foreign goods. They have widened our ideas, they have given us an outlet for our energies, they have made us enterprising, they have made us considerate and calculating also they have communicated to us useful arts and given us wonderful remedies.

Abuses of money: ( Essay on Money )

Money is only a means and man is always more important than money. Money can produce all the means of happiness but not happiness itself. A rich man may possess the best things of life but he may fail to enjoy them. Ill gotten money makes a man indulge in bad habits: drinking, gambling and immoral things. Lust of money leads a man to corruption. The corrupt practices entangle a man and lead him behind the bars. And all the money is spent. It is the result of materialism and race for money that corruption and bribery, abduction and rapes floor-crossing and cross-voting are rampant in society.

Money-making is not the chief object of life:

All brave and healthy people love and like money. But money making is not the principal object of their lives. They care more for their work than for their fee or pay. A good soldier or a good clergyman, or a good doctor, or a good teacher, for example, is more interested in his work and less in the money he gets from his profession Conclusion: It is perhaps more fortunate to have a taste for collecting shells than to be born a millionaire. Both are good. It is always a better policy to have an interest and have a hobby than to make a thousand pounds. Money will soon be spent or perhaps you may feel no joy in spending it but interest and hobby remain imperishable and ever new.

Difficult Words : basis = आधार; necessaries = आवश्यकताएँ: amenities = सुविधाएँ: cherished = संजोई हुई: rains = प्राप्त करता है; scruples = नैतिक संकोच (झिझक); passion = वासना; outlet = निकासी का मार्ग; communicated = संचार किया: procure = प्राप्त करना; ill gotten = बुरे तरीके से प्राप्त; indulge = लत में डालना; lust = वासना entangle फँसा देना destiny भाग्य: shells = कौड़ियाँ interest रुचि शौक = = imperishable = जो व्यय न किया जा सके; rampant व्याप्त।

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