A college baseball player was thrown out for a terrible reason.

Not surprisingly, the NCAA has taken action against college baseball players who celebrate home runs in the past. Just last season, the rules committee said that celebration

props can't be used outside of the dugout.What is surprising is when umpires stop people from celebrating in ways that don't seem too bad at first glance.

Will Simpson, a junior infielder for Washington, was thrown out of the game against Santa Clara on Monday for "excessive celebration" after hitting a two-run home run

in the sixth inning that tied the game. Washington ended up winning 10–7, but that's not the point. Simpson did, in fact, flip his bat as he ran down the first base line

after hitting his second home run of the season. He also had fun at home plate and in the dugout with his teammates. It looked like a normal party after a home run;

nothing unusual. Even though baseball has seen some pretty crazy home run celebrations over the years, this one wasn't even close to being too much. Since Simpson was thrown

out for a bad reason, it makes sense that Washington's manager, Jason Kelly, was also kicked out for standing up for him.Simpson's Twitter page did show that he was having

a good time with being kicked out. And based on his likes, it's clear that he didn't agree with the decision.College baseball fans were not happy with the decision to

kick Simspon off the team. Still, it's not clear if this is a league-wide crackdown or just a weird call by a crew of umpires.