Aaron Judge is eager to have this former Yankee star join the team

Aaron Judge has rejoined the New York Yankees, he plans to use his second chance to reunite the team with a certain baseball hero.

On Wednesday, Judge disclosed that he has been in contact with Hall of Fame shortstop Derek Jeter throughout the latter's free agency process.

When Judge re-signed with the Yankees, he claimed that he had called Jeter to see if there was anything he could do to re-engage the former shortstop with the team.

So there's no confusion: Jeter and the Yankees are on good terms. After retiring in 2014, Jeter tried his hand at other things,

including managing the Miami Marlins. That didn't work out, though. A gig has since been associated with him,

but it's looking unlikely that he'll take it.

Judge deserves credit for taking the initiative to strengthen ties between Jeter and the Yankees.

To be sure, the team recognised his potential and gave him a significant accolade that will allow him to follow in Jeter's footsteps.