Aaron Judge of the Yankees breaks his silence about a possible position change

Reports say that the New York Yankees are thinking about making a big change to one of their outfield positions. Aaron Judge, New York's star right fielder, could move

to left field, with Giancarlo Stanton playing right field and Harrison Bader playing centerfield. Marly Rivera says that Judge talked about the possibility of moving to left,

even though he hasn't played there since college."If we need to get Big D in RF at Yankee Stadium, I don't mind it," Judge said.

Because the right field fence at Yankee Stadium is short, the change would let Stanton, who has been hurt a lot, cover less ground. Because Judge is so athletic,

it's likely that he wouldn't have much trouble making the switch.It's important to note that this change isn't coming up soon. The Yankees only want to find ways to get the

most out of their team while keeping stars like Stanton healthy. But Aaron Judge's health needs to be taken into account as well. Even though Judge hasn't been hurt in a while,

he's had trouble with injuries in the past.The good news for the Yankees is that Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton are said to be healthy and ready to go for Spring Training.

Stanton's presence in the lineup is important for Judge's work because he gives Judge the protection he needs. If Stanton gets hurt again in 2023, pitchers might try to

avoid Aaron Judge instead.Judge could still stay in right field in the end.

At the moment, there are no sure things. We will keep an eye on this situation and give updates as they become available.