According to reports, the Colts have made their decision on quarterback Matt Ryan

The Matt Ryan era in Indianapolis has been a complete and utter failure. The Colts still have a few games left,and it appears

that Ryan will continue to start despite the fact that this is likely to be his final season with the team.Parks Frazier, the interim offensive coordinator for the Colts,

reportedly told radio host Kevin Bowen, "he is game-planning as if Matt Ryan will be the starting quarterback against the Chargers."There is still time for the Colts (4-9-1) to

try something else at quarterback before Monday night's game against the Los Angeles Chargers (8-6), but it appears that they are content to ride out the rest of the season with

Ryan despite the season's disastrous results.The Colts just experienced a monumental failure that has many people thinking back to another monumental failure in

which Ryan played a role. But since since Ryan got his old job back, he's been precariously close to being fired again.

While the Colts as a whole have been struggling, the problems have been exacerbated by Ryan's performance.

Nonetheless, it seems like the Colts don't have any better options right now, and it's unlikely to make much of a difference anyhow.