After signing with the Red Sox, Justin Turner was blasted with the truth by a former Dodgers GM

According to DodgersBeat, former general manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers Ned Colletti was brutally honest about Justin Turner's trade to the Boston Red Sox.

According to Colletti, "he's somebody that is historic in my perspective." You consider his many home runs, the way he helped the locals and his dedication to the team. Success for

both the team and himself. The significance of that to the past is clear to me. Moreover, that is not an exaggeration.On Twitter, Colletti also revealed his early thoughts about

the Justin Turner development.From a non-tendered player who signed a minor league contract to a legendary figure in baseball history with the @Dodgers nine seasons later.

Colletti had previously tweeted, "Cheers to @redturn2 and thank you to a person who leaves his hometown for a bit but will be revered here forever; for his play and his (heart)."

While playing for the Los Angeles Dodgers, Justin Turner won the hearts of many fans. There, he was able to establish himself, and in his nine years with the Dodgers, he was named

to two All-Star teams. Turner, like Colletti, was highly liked in his neighbourhood. The welfare of others was a priority for him.Turner's departure from the Dodgers has been

discussed previously by both Clayton Kershaw and Mookie Betts.Betts expressed his displeasure at the team's loss of Justin Turner and Cody Bellinger by saying, "I mean, it sucks."

It's just the nature of the business. You witness famous people passing away, and the experience leaves an emotional impact. They'll both be sorely missed. The future is a mystery.

It's possible that we'll meet up again to play. We need to have a conversation with them the next time we see them. To that end, I hope for nothing but the best for them in the

meantime.With everything he's done on and off the field, "JT is such a cornerstone of the team and has meant so lot to me personally," Kershaw continued.