All of NFL Is Angry Over Missed Call During Vikings-Lions Game

The seven points lost by the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday seemed to be the result of poor officiating.The NFL community is livid that Justin Jefferson was ruled out of

bounds just prior to his team's touchdown against the Detroit Lions on Sunday.However, Jefferson was not actually in an off-limits area.NFL supporters are fuming.

"Did the officials just take this incredible score away from Justin Jefferson because he stepped out of bounds? Please wait for the game to end "Tweets from Dov Kleiman.

Football league followers should be livid.

"That was a terrible missed call in the Vikings game. Jefferson most assuredly did not exit, "a supporter chimed in.

"Justin Jefferson has 210 yards receiving on 10 receptions. Not entirely sure he overstepped his bounds, but I believe he should have more "someone else commented as a fan.

Another spectator commented, "Jefferson never stepped out, and the announcers blow it off as no big deal."

Later on Sunday, Detroit had a 31-23 lead over Minnesota.