Argentina receives World Cup disorderly conduct allegations from FIFA

Due to the behaviour of its players in the World Cup quarterfinal encounter against the Netherlands, FIFA filed a disciplinary case against Argentina.

The disciplinary code of the soccer governing body cites "order and security at matches" as the reason for punishing the Argentina soccer federation.

After the Dutch scored twice in stoppage time to send the game into overtime, Argentine substitutes and coaches rushed the field in an apparent attempt to force a winner.

After Argentina won the penalty shootout to end the game after a 2-2 tie, tensions on the pitch continued to rise.As part of a World Cup record total of 17, Lionel Messi received

a yellow card either during the game or afterward.Team misconduct accusations are standard for collecting five yellow cards in a game and disciplinary procedures were

started against both Argentina and the Netherlands, FIFA said.It is possible that both federations will be hit with the same 15,000 Swiss francs ($16,000) sanction

that was given to Saudi Arabia twice by FIFA's disciplinary panel for team misconduct at this World Cup.The fine for the separate disruption offence against Argentina is likely

to be higher.FIFA did not provide a timeline for rulings, which have not been released in advance of a team's next game at this World Cup.

On Tuesday, Argentina will play Croatia in a semifinal.