Bosa's Contract Demands Could Change NFL Landscape

Nick Bosa is one of the best players in the league at any position.

He is entering the final year of his rookie contract and is seeking a contract extension.

The 49ers have offered Bosa more than T.J. Watt's $28 million yearly salary, but Bosa is looking for a deal closer to 

Aaron Donald's $31 million and change. Bosa is holding out and has not reported to training camp or the preseason.

The 49ers need to get a deal done with Bosa as he is a key part of their defense.

If Bosa does not play, the 49ers will take a big hit defensively.

The 49ers have until the regular season starts to reach an agreement with Bosa.

If the two sides do not reach an agreement, Bosa could miss regular season games.

The 49ers are hoping to avoid a long-term holdout from Bosa.

The outcome of this contract negotiation could set the market for defensive players in the NFL.