"Breaking News: The Hottest Teams in FIFA's Latest Rankings"

The rankings consider factors like match results, opponent strength, match importance, and recency.

Spain is ranked 10th, gaining 7.27 rating points after commanding wins over Georgia and Cyprus.

Italy is ranked 9th, with a draw against North Macedonia and a win against Ukraine, losing 0.79 rating points.

Portugal is 8th, maintaining a perfect record in the 2024 Euro Qualifiers with wins against Slovakia and Luxembourg.

The Netherlands holds 7th place after wins against Greece and the Republic of Ireland.

Croatia ranks 6th, gaining 5.28 rating points by defeating Latvia and Armenia in the 2024 Euro Qualifiers.

Belgium is 5th, with wins against Azerbaijan and Estonia, but only gaining 4.09 rating points.

England is 4th, with a shrinking lead over Belgium after a draw with Ukraine and a win against Scotland.

Brazil is 3rd, with wins against Bolivia and Peru in CONCACAF World Cup qualifying, adding 9.34 points.

France is 2nd, despite losing 2.78 points, with a win against the Republic of Ireland and a loss to Germany.

Argentina tops the rankings, extending their lead with wins over Ecuador and Bolivia and gaining 7.68 rating points.