Brock Purdy's Week 1 Performance: Ranking and Analysis.

Brock Purdy, the San Francisco 49ers' quarterback, has been gaining attention in the NFL.

In Week 3, he delivered an impressive performance with 310 yards and two touchdowns in a 30-12 victory over the New York Giants.

His season stats so far include 736 passing yards, four touchdowns, zero interceptions, a 67 percent completion rate, and a passer rating of 106.3.

Despite the positive stats, Fox Sports analyst Nick Wright remains skeptical of Purdy's elite potential.

Wright observed several "yikes" throws in Purdy's performance, contrasting them with only a few "wow" moments.

Wright emphasizes the need for a larger sample size before declaring Purdy an elite or even a good quarterback.

He warns against relying solely on statistics, stating that they can be misleading when assessing a quarterback's play.

Even 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan was cautious in praising Purdy after the Giants' game, noting that receivers bailed him out of some poor throws.

Purdy's NFL career is still in its early stages, with 12 appearances and eight starts for the Niners.

With a 3-0 record this season, the 49ers will face the Arizona Cardinals on October 1st.