By 2023, where will Jimmy Garoppolo be playing? Top 3 Candidates for Experienced Quarterback

Jimmy Garoppolo, a quarterback, is one of the most interesting free agents in the upcoming 2023 offseason. Garoppolo is slated to leave the San Francisco 49ers after six years with

the team. His time there has been hampered by injuries. Garoppolo's health is still an unknown, but with multiple teams in need of an upgrade at quarterback, he should have no

shortage of suitors.So, where will Jimmy G finally end up? Here are top three possible destinations.

1) Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Garoppolo, who was supposed to take over for Tom Brady in New England, might end up leading the Bucs if the GOAT decides to retire.

Being in the weak NFC South Division, the Bucs would have a better chance at making the playoffs in 2023 with a veteran quarterback like Garoppolo at the helm.

2) New York Jets-The Jets have the same combination of offensive talent and defensive strength that helped Garoppolo succeed in San Francisco.  Hence, if Gang Green is unsuccessful

in signing either Aaron Rodgers or Derek Carr, Garoppolo could be headed to New York City for the upcoming season.

3) Houston Texans-New Texans head coach DeMeco Ryans worked with Garoppolo in San Francisco. The Texans have the second overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, and if they follow the

ex-defensive linebacker's instincts, they may end up with a game-changing star on defense, which would be good news for Garoppolo.

Or, if Ryans decides to wait for one of the best quarterbacks in the draft before making his decision, Garoppolo is a good bridge option for the Texans.