Chris Martin's ERA Chase: Rewriting Red Sox Record Books

Relief pitcher Chris Martin joined the Boston Red Sox as a free agent in the off season.

His role with the team was initially uncertain, but he quickly assumed the late-inning setup role.

Chris Martin, at 37 years old, has been both impressive and dominant for the Red Sox.

In the current season, Martin has appeared in 51 games and boasts a remarkable 1.14 ERA in 47 1/3 innings pitched.

He has the opportunity to achieve the lowest ERA by a Red Sox pitcher with 50 or more appearances in a season.

As of now, Martin ranks third in Red Sox history for the lowest ERA among pitchers with 50 or more games played.

Jonathan Papelbon holds the top spot with a remarkable 0.92 ERA in 2006.

Koji Uehara sits second with a 1.09 ERA in 2013.

The hope is that Martin can maintain his current form and improve his place in the Red Sox's historical rankings.