Football Star Matthew Stafford declares his commitment On Retirement

Quarterback Matthew Stafford of the Los Angeles Rams has been ruled out for the year.

After suffering such a serious injury, many have speculated that the Super Bowl-winning quarterback would finally decide to call it quits.

This week, Stafford responded to those concerns.The podcaster wife of the Rams quarterback posed the question. He answered the question directly.

"A lot of people are curious about this. What's the deal, you're giving it all up and" Asked by Kelly Stafford.

"Oh, no. No," Matthew Stafford said in response.

Consequently, you now have the answer.Despite rumours to the contrary, the Los Angeles Rams great quarterback will not be retiring.

Although the Los Angeles Rams' season following the Super Bowl was a major letdown,

Stafford will be back for another shot in 2023.