Gisele Bündchen's Unfiltered Life: Love, Loss, and Liberation

Gisele Bündchen discusses her life as a supermodel, her post-runway life, and her public divorce from Tom Brady in an interview with CBS News.

She shares that she's now in a different, more fulfilling phase of her life where she can make choices that align with her desires.

Bündchen, a renowned model, reveals that her public persona was a coping mechanism for dealing with the industry's stress, leading to panic attacks.

She describes feeling suffocated and experiencing panic attacks while working in the modelling industry.

Bündchen opens up about a momentary consideration of jumping during a difficult time.

Reflecting on her life, she expresses acceptance and gratitude for her marriage to Brady, even though it ended publicly.

The interview covers her childhood, family, and transition away from the spotlight.

Bündchen discusses how embracing a healthier lifestyle saved her life and her new role as a wellness ambassador for Gaia Herbs.

She emphasizes her desire to be seen as herself, not a character, and expresses the liberation in being authentic.