How much will the teams that finish third and fourth at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar be awarded?

On Saturday, Croatia and Morocco will battle it out for third place at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Despite being disheartened by their semifinal losses to Argentina and France, the teams are still playing for a chance to finish in the top three.

The third-place finishers at the 2022 World Cup will split $27 million in prize money. Even if they lose this weekend, the fourth-place finisher will still earn $25 million.

Sums at Stake for 2022 World Cup Payout for Top Finishing (USD)

The winning amount is $42 million. Second-place: $30 million

$29m for third place For the fourth spot, $25 million

Eighth and final round: $17 million Last 16: $13m Nine million dollars for the preliminary round

Each nation that sends a team to the 2022 World Cup will receive $1.5 million. The amount of money up for grabs grew larger as countries progressed to the final round.