Injury Shockwave: Will Raiders' Star Jimmy Garoppolo Rise Again? 

Jimmy Garoppolo, the Las Vegas Raiders' quarterback, suffered an injury during Week 3.

The injury occurred when he was tackled by Pittsburgh Steelers' T.J. Watt and two other defenders, folding him in half.

Despite the painful-looking tackle, Garoppolo managed to leave the field on his own.

He went to the Raiders' locker room before halftime, and reports suggested he could jog, indicating some mobility.

The extent of Garoppolo's injury was expected to be clarified after halftime.

Brian Hoyer is the backup QB for the Raiders and would likely step in if Garoppolo couldn't return.

There is also a rookie, Aidan O’Connell, who could become an option if Garoppolo's injury is long-term.

Garoppolo's injury would likely result in a decline in overall team performance, particularly in the running game.

Fantasy football implications include a potential decline in value for players like Jakobi Meyers and Josh Jacobs.

Garoppolo's absence could impact the performance and rankings of key fantasy players.