Judge's Record-Breaking Feat—A Yankee's Heroic Tale in the Making

Judge's injury stint impacted his chances of breaking his own AL home run record.

In 2022, Judge hit an impressive 42 home runs in the first 100 games.

This season, Judge played despite a toe injury, affecting his performance.

The Yankees are facing an unlikely postseason miss, a departure from their 2016 streak.

Despite this, Judge's performance in limited play upheld the expectations of his mega contract.

His injury hindered him from maintaining his earlier home run pace.

Judge's potential to challenge records remains high, but the injury was a setback.

His performance this year serves as a silver lining in a disappointing season for the Yankees.

Fans are optimistic about Judge's future contributions to the team.

Overall, Judge showcased his talent and commitment, even in the face of injury and team challenges.