"McDonald's Monday Madness: Get 15% Off Everything!

McDonald's is offering a 15% discount on its entire menu for the first time, available exclusively on the McDonald's app.

This special discount is only valid for one day, Monday, September 18, 2023.

To qualify for the discount, you need to spend a minimum of £8 on your order.

The discount applies to all menu items, including breakfast items like the McMuffin, and lunch/dinner items like the Big Mac and Chicken McNuggets.

New menu items like the McCrispy Deluxe, BBQ Quarter Pounder Cheese, and Cheesy Garlic Bites are also included in the offer.

The 15% discount is only accessible through the McDonald's app and cannot be obtained via delivery services like Uber Eats or Deliveroo.

Each person is limited to one discounted order, accessible by clicking the 'Offers' section on the app.

McDonald's offers a rewards program called MyMcDonald’s Rewards, where you earn loyalty points for every penny spent

Rewards can be redeemed for various items, including food items like double cheeseburgers, McNuggets, and apple pies, or donated to charity.

The McDonald's Monopoly game is ongoing, with prizes including gift vouchers, holidays, and cash rewards, available until October 17, 2023.