MLB Hall of Fame pitcher is dealing with a terrible family situation

The adoptive daughter of Major League Baseball pitcher Dennis Eckersley, who is also a Hall of Famer, was detained in New Hampshire for leaving her newborn baby boy outside in the

cold.The alleged serious accusations against Alexandra Eckersley include assault, fabricating physical evidence, endangering the welfare of a child, and acting recklessly.

Tuesday's arraignment resulted in a $3,000 bond set for Eckersley.The younger Eckersley called the police to let them know she had given birth, but she then sent them on a wild

goose chase to find the baby, who was born three months early.According to NBC Boston, she reportedly did that because she was ashamed to inform the authorities that she was

homeless and sharing a camp in a rural location with her lover.After being abandoned in the cold for 73 minutes, the baby boy was eventually discovered and taken to the hospital,

where he would require intubation to help him breathe. But it is anticipated that he will live.Additionally, according to reports, Eckersley is allegedly using narcotics.

She denies this, but it is clear that the young woman is distressed and that her life is troubled.Although Dennis Eckersley has not yet made a statement regarding this daughter or

the circumstance, you have to assume that he will check on his daughter and grandchild very soon.Eckersley, who was elected into the MLB Hall of Fame in 2004,

pitched for a number of organisations but is best recognised for his work as the Oakland A's closer in the 1980s.