Namath's Controversial Take on Jets vs. Patriots – Must Read! 

The New York Jets suffered their 15th consecutive loss to the New England Patriots, losing 15-10 on September 24.

This loss tied an NFL record for most consecutive losses to a single opponent, matching the Kansas City Chiefs' 15-game winning streak against

the Denver Broncos. Pro Football Hall of Famer and Jets legend Joe Namath expressed his frustration, suggesting that changes might be needed

if the team's performance doesn't improve.Namath had been vocal on Twitter throughout the game, offering intense criticisms of the team's performance.

 He questioned why quarterback Zach Wilson chose to take a sack instead of attempting to make a play when nothing was open.

Despite adverse weather conditions caused by "tropical cyclone sixteen," Namath pointed out that both teams had to contend with slippery ground.

Namath found it "disgusting" that the Jets threw short of the first-down marker on 3rd downs when receivers weren't running vertically.

He speculated whether Wilson's choices were influenced by coaching, suggesting they were not intuitive for a quarterback.

Namath also criticized the predictability of the Jets' pass patterns and receiver routes.