NBA Legend Slams JJ Reddick For Controversial Steph Curry Take

People are getting angry over this Steph Curry vs. Larry Bird debate.JJ Redick, a former NBA player who now works as an analyst, recently said something that caused a lot

of controversy about the difference between Steph Curry and some of the game's other great shooters. Redick says that Curry has to deal with more physical danger every night

than players like Larry Bird did."For example, when I watch Steph Curry," Redick said in an ESPN segment. "When I see Marcus Smart grab and hold Steph Curry off the

ball in a playoff game, I know they're always with him. But when I watch Larry Bird come off a pin-down and no one is within five feet of him and they're shooting the gap,

you're telling me that one is more physical than the other? You mean that's more physical than grabbing and holding Steph Curry for 48 minutes?"

Dominque Wilkins, an NBA legend, responded to Redick's point of view by saying, "Redick has absolutely no idea what he's talking about. What kind of basketball were you looking at?

It's stupid to say something as stupid as that. How many guys can handle it when you can put your hand on a guy's hip and make him go in a certain direction? I'm very

disappointed that JJ Redick, who has played this game, said something so stupid."

There will always be NBA debates about different eras, and this one has people on both sides of the argument very angry with each other.