NFL future revealed by Gronk

Rob Gronkowski, a tight end destined for the Hall of Fame in the National Football League, will not be helping Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.After helping the Buccaneers

win the Super Bowl , Gronk announced his retirement from the NFL (again) in June. Things are rarely as black and white as they first appear to be in Gronk.

While Gronk will not be playing this season, NFL Network's Ian Rapoport says the "door remains open" for him to return in next season.

Rob Gronkowski will not play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers tonight, Rapoport revealed on Sunday on the NFL Network.“Obviously. He is still off the team and available to other

teams as a free agent as he is technically retired. More than once this year, people seriously entertained the idea that he might suit up for the Bucs.

Remember last week when he tweeted, "I'm bored?" That prompted numerous teams to contact and initiated numerous discussions. However, the Buccaneers had been talking to

Gronk beforehand.However, the Buccaneers had previously been talking to Gronk.These talks did not result in Gronk's return this season, but he is less committed to not

playing in 2023.According to Rapoport, if Brady leaves the Buccaneers at the end of the season, there is a "chance" Gronk will go with him.