Nine Guaranteed Years for Aaron Judge, According to Reports.

The superstar outfielder reportedly wants a 10-year contract with guaranteed compensation.Given that Aaron Judge is one of the most sought-after free agents in MLB history,

it's safe to assume that any contract he signs will be one of the largest in the sport's history. The guaranteed sum in his eventual contract, though, is expected to be staggering.

According to Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic, Judge wants a contract with nine years of guaranteed money.

Since Judge, now 31, and New York could not come to terms on a contract before the season, he became a free agent.

At the conclusion of spring training, the Yankees had offered Judge a seven-year agreement worth $213.5 million.

It's questionable if the Yankees will feel comfortable giving Judge what he wants now, especially before his record-breaking 2022 season.

According to ESPN. In the end, New York reportedly offered an eight-year contract worth around $300 million.

The star hitter, who set an American League record with 62 home runs this past season, is also reportedly being pursued by the Giants and the Dodgers.