Olympic legend totally destroys In the case of Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods has received a lot of criticism over an incident during Thursday's Genesis Open, in which he gave tampons to golfer Justin Thomas. Not helping matters was Woods's

subsequent "if I offended anyone" apology, with Olympian Michael Johnson being just one of many who did not find the "joke" or the apology to be very funny.

I'm sorry if I upset anyone, but an apology that begins with those words is not an apology at all. And yet, here we have Tiger. "He's never been a leader, and he's as

unbreakable as Teflon," tweeted Johnson on a Friday. Even after all his failures, he continues to be praised. Miracle cures are the media's constant preoccupation.

The necessity for a comeback was never a good enough reason.Woods explained that he was sorry since "it was supposed to be an amusing game, but unfortunately it hasn't

turned out that way." My apologies to anyone I may have offended. Friends merely joking around.I apologize in advance if I have offended anyone. We didn't mean for it to

turn out that way. We are often pulling practical jokes on one another. I don't think this came out that way online, but in private it's a different story."

There are certainly worse things to be furious about, but Woods' refusal to recognize that equating a feminine hygiene product with weakness or incompetence isn't a good

look doesn't help matters.Johnson is the only male athlete in Olympic history to win both the 200-meter and 400-meter events. He won four gold medals in all.