Packers state that they have decided on Jordan Love.

The Green Bay Packers have a lot to consider regarding Jordan Love's fifth-year option due to Aaron Rodgers' uncertain future with the team.

Rodgers might have been benched earlier this season to see what the Packers had in Love. Brian Gutekunst, the team's general manager, claims that they have

seen everything they need to see.According to PackersWire, Gutekunst stated, "We're really impressed with his improvement and what he's been able to achieve."

"I believe that he would benefit greatly from the necessary growth. discovering something new. committing the errors you must commit. However, I believe that on our end,

we have seen everything that is necessary.Nine regular-season games have seen Love during his three-year stint with the Packers. Gutekunst thinks he has seen everything

there is to see from the former first-round pick despite the small sample size.In practice, Gutekunst added, "We've seen him for three years doing the things that he's doing.

Aaron has been hurt during this time and has received numerous repetitions with the ones. I believe that was excellent for him. Seeing it was wonderful for us.

But it was also just really beneficial for him to have weekly game planning experiences.Love's fifth-year option is up for grabs, and the Packers have until May 3 to

decide whether or not to exercise it. It appears the team will ask the 24-year-old quarterback to stay because of Gutekunst's obvious faith in him.