Ravens Have Lost Lamar Jackson

The Baltimore Ravens and Lamar Jackson can't come back.Teams like the Pittsburgh Steelers will have an easier time in the AFC North because the Baltimore Ravens can't

get Lamar Jackson back.Jackson is still the NFL's most talked-about player as he waits for a new deal or the franchise tag. He wants the Ravens to give him a

fully guaranteed contract,but Baltimore doesn't want to follow the example of the Cleveland Browns and Deshaun Watson.

So, what choices do we have? The franchise tag seems to be the most important thing for Baltimore, but that leaves the door open for another team to steal Jackson,

which would happen quickly based on the interest around the league.You could also make a deal. The Ravens could try to get more draft picks than the two they'd get

from the tag, but where does that leave them? In reality, it means that Baltimore won't be in the running for the division or the conference for a year.

In either case, it seems unlikely that Jackson will stay in Baltimore, and the Ravens might need to admit defeat and move on before making things harder for themselves.

Also, ESPN says that the Steelers will find a replacement for Cam Sutton in the defensive backfield, and Andy Weidl is likely on his way out of Pittsburgh.