Retiring Prominent Quarterback Is Desired By The Entire NFL

After a disappointing loss this past weekend, many in the NFL community have called for a longstanding quarterback to call it quits.It was a devastating loss for the Indianapolis

Colts on Saturday against the Minnesota Vikings. After leading by four touchdowns or more at one point, Indianapolis blew the lead and ultimately lost against Minnesota.

For Matt Ryan, this has been a trying year.After the game, the number of calls from NFL fans urging him to retire spiked.Most NFL fans think Ryan should retire now.

One fan said, "Matt Ryan is one of the primary problem with the Colts he has to retire after this season."

"Matt Ryan should retire tonight if the Colts lose. It was too much for me to bear. After the Super Bowl win by the Falcons, this setback is more painful. Omg. It's the

perfect weather for fly fishing and fiddling with vintage cars "the addition of a supporter, in this case.

"If Matt Ryan wants to help out the Colts, he should hang it up tonight. The damage he has caused to the brand justifies criminal prosecution "One more supporter joined the cause.

Another supporter argued, "If the Colts lose, Matt Ryan needs to retire immediately, you can't come back after this."