Reviving NFL Quarterbacks: 2022 Challenges.

Geno Smith, the 2022 NFL Comeback Player of the Year, faces Matthew Stafford, who struggled in 2022, in a game between the Seahawks and Rams.

Several NFL quarterbacks regressed in 2022, including Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, Mac Jones, Baker Mayfield, and Matthew Stafford.

Rodgers saw the largest decline in QBR in 2022 after winning the MVP in 2021, partly due to the loss of Davante Adams.

Wilson's poor performance in Denver resulted from various issues, including pass protection, footwork, and scheme limitations.

Mac Jones regressed in 2022 under a new offensive system but has potential for improvement with a structured system under Bill O'Brien.

Matthew Stafford's regression was affected by injuries, a lack of support in the run game, and an inconsistent offensive line.

Wilson needs to improve his decision-making and play within a structured system to bounce back.

Mac Jones will benefit from Bill O'Brien's coaching and a more structured offensive system.

Matthew Stafford's success relies on an efficient running game and play-action passes to reduce his throwing volume.

Baker Mayfield's key to improvement is using play-action effectively and benefiting from strong receiving targets.