The Disneyland Resort has taken precautions due to a potentially harmful TikTok fad.

Thrill coasters at amusement parks are designed to make riders feel anxious without putting anyone in harm's way. Guests at Disney California Adventure's Guardians of the Galaxy -

Mission: Breakout are putting themselves and others in danger in an effort to comply with a recent TikTok fad. As a result, the park administration has issued a statement warning

of possible removal.The relevant TikTok trend advises users to wrongly fasten their seat belts on the Guardians of the Galaxy drop ride, in order to gain more "air time" as the

elevator car drops. According to the Orange County Register, reports of risky rider behavior have increased at Disneyland Resort, prompting the park to install additional signage

outside the attraction. Riders who do not fasten their seatbelts as instructed by a Cast Member are warned that they risk being kicked out of the park.Visitors who refuse to comply

with Cast Members' requests may be asked to leave the park. However, this is usually only necessary to be explicitly displayed at one ride. The assumption and acceptance of this is

taken for granted. The fact that Disneyland Resort is installing new signs indicates that something is wrong.Once known as the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, Guardians of the

Galaxy: Mission: Breakout is a"drop ride"that propels riders approximately 200 feet into the air before plummeting them to the ground with a force greater than gravity.This TikTok

trend might potentially lead to serious consequences. A rider could damage themselves by bouncing around the ride vehicle, but they could also hurt themselves or others. Maybe the

fear of having park privileges revoked will be enough to deter people from doing this. To what extent guests who violate safety will be kicked out of Disneyland for the day is unknown.