The first of your two March SSI payments will be deposited in your account 10 days from now.

About 10 days from now, recipients will receive the first of two March Supplemental Security Income payments.The initial installment of $914 will be paid out on March 1.

For the month of March, beneficiaries will get $1,828 in two payments, the first on March 1 and the second on March 31. This is in accordance with the schedule set by

the Social Security Administration.Couples that qualify will get a total of $1,371 over the course of two installments, one on March 1 and another on March 31.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) states that essential personnel, those who reside with an SSI recipient and provide necessary care, would get benefits of $458 per month.

Most SSI payments are made on the first of the month by the Social Security Administration. In the event that January 1st is not a business day because it is a weekend or holiday,

the administration will nevertheless issue the check on the previous business day to ensure that the recipient receives their funds on the regular payment date.

In addition to January, June, and December, there will be three other months this year in which two payments will be issued in the same month. Due to weekends and holidays,

the first of the month will not occur in July, October, or January of 2024.In January 1974, the Social Security Administration began issuing Supplemental Security Income payments.

The government reports that cost-of-living adjustments payment rates have been rising steadily since 1975.