The Los Angeles Dodgers have agreed to terms with former Chicago Cubs farmhand

The Dodgers are still exploring cheaper alternatives to strengthen their pitching staff.Dodgers will focus on anyone who can aid the team. Bryan Hudson, a Cubs third-round pick in

2015, is the team's newest scouting objective. He is set to join the Dodgers' minor league organisation.This left-handed pitcher made it all the way to Triple-A last year and

started in 39 games. Hudson finished his season with a 3-4 record and a 3.66 ERA after throwing 59.0 innings.While it may not be the splashy move that fans are hoping to see,

any team would be pleased to add to its pool of pitching talent. Especially for the Dodgers, who are still waiting for injured pitchers to return.The Dodgers have been gradually

strengthening their roster, but it appears that they are satisfied to sit on the wealth they have amassed thus far. While sending out the current roster isn't exactly a

championship-caliber squad, there is still a lot of talent there to work with and time to make a trade before the deadline.With the market for elite free agents looking dry,

the team may be saving up for a blockbuster deal. Until then, similar acquisitions to Hudson's will be considered.With an eye on the next five years, the Dodgers are constantly

planning ahead. All the personnel changes so far have signalled a shift toward a new identity, and the time to start planning for the future has arrived.