The MLB community responds to another ridiculous Latest on Carlos Correa

After the San Francisco Giants hesitated to acquire star shortstop Carlos Correa, the New York Mets signed him to a 12-year, $315 million contract. The Mets' apparent newfound

worries about his leg's health have put their contract in peril. And now it seems like the Mets have developed some last-minute worries about his leg's condition that could

threaten to derail their deal.It was on Saturday afternoon that Major League Insiders Ken Rosenthal and Dan Hayes of The Athletic broke the bombshell scoop about Carlos Correa,

and the baseball community reacted swiftly on Twitter.I have confirmed with 2 league sources that there is some form of concern regarding Correa's physical, though the Mets are

not actively responding to concerns about the deal's status. Scott Boras is also unable at this time for comment. Andy Martino, a reporter with the Mets, tweeted, "Stay tuned.

"Korked Bats tweeted, "Carlos Correa will be the first MLB player in history to sign with three organisations in a week."Sean Keeley of Awful Announcing and The Comeback quipped

that the Mets had "pulled a "Elon purchasing Twitter" on Correa.Must read the complete report from Ken and Dan here. There is a lot of background, particularly in light of the fact

that Cohen clearly wanted him so badly that he spoke with the New York Post last night on camera. A deal may yet be completed despite reservations.

In any case, quite a development, wrote The Athletic Mets reporter Will Sammon.Baseball fans will be paying close attention to this significant event during the coming days.