The NFL Community Responds to Huge Rob Gronkowski News

In 2023, will we see Rob Gronkowski back on the field?NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport says the All-Pro tight end has an opportunity to return to the field.

Following a report from Ian Rapoport, Bleacher Report tweeted, "The door is open" for Rob Gronkowski to unretire and play in the 2023 season."

Exactly how entertaining would that be?

"He bored as hell at this point," one fan commented.

One of Tom's fans put it this way: "Basically wherever Tom is headed he’s gonna be heading there too."

"In San Francisco with Tom?" said another follower.

"He just retiring and unretiring for attention at this point,"another fan commented.

"You guys think were just gonna get one of these a month before he becomes like a beloved children’s entertainer or something?" another fan asked.