The NFL world reacts to Russell Wilson's transition

This week, Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson returned to full participation in practise after passing concussion protocols.Since being traded to the Denver Broncos from

the Seattle Seahawks, the quarterback's motto has become "Broncos Country, let's ride!" Both the Broncos and Wilson likely had different expectations for how the deal would

pan out. Thursday, after returning to practise and speaking to the media for the first time this week, he notably abandoned his new catchphrase."Russell Wilson finished his news

conference today with a simple 'Go Broncos,'" Broncos beat reporter Zac Stevens tweeted. Broncos country, let's ride! was his standard parting phrase until last week.Although it is

unclear why Wilson made the move, or even whether it was an error on his side, that hasn't stopped NFL fans from responding to the quarterback's dramatic shift in strategy.

The press conference finishes with Russell Wilson stating, "Go Broncos." One fan speculated that perhaps another "Let's Ride" would be in the cards if the team won on Christmas.

Nels Hylton said it was "the craziest thing I've seen all year" that Russell Wilson didn't make the Pro Bowl while Geno Smith did.

Another supporter commented, "I think Russell Wilson is broken."Another supporter remarked, "The bad omen is gone."One supporter joked, "It's Joever," along with a picture of a

sad President Joe Biden.With a current record of 4-10, the Broncos are dead last in the AFC West. They will play again on Christmas against the Los Angeles Rams in California.