The NFL World Responds to Bill Belichick's Public Appearance

This offseason has been very successful for Bill Belichick.On Monday morning, a photo of the New England Patriots head coach at a sub shop in Massachusetts quickly went viral.

Social media users are talking about how much better Belichick looks now that he has lost weight.

"As a member of the Marzilli's crew (Fall River. The finest Italian subs on the planet! Man with the most intelligence. Similarly svelte as all get out, "Feitelberg,

of Barstool Sports, made a tweet.What a great accomplishment for Bill."Coach looks good! I'm assuming he tipped well on that, "In one fan's words.

"Such a crazy picture. Belichick, hands in pockets, looks like a dad who is relieved to have the weekend off despite having to deal with his annoying family.

His one comfort comes from listening to Franco, the deli owner, impart his knowledge and advice. Beautiful, "Someone else in the crowd laughed.

'Bill is looking so hot,' another admirer chimed in.

"Will Bill be giving us a boot here? Constantly going in a different direction from the herd, "The addition of a fan.