The NFL's Starting Quarterback Has Been Demoted to the Third Unit

A former first-round pick in the NFL Draft who was the starting quarterback has been moved to the third string.

On Monday, Jets coach Robert Saleh stated that Mike White will be starting for the team going forward.

Wilson, who started in his place while he was out with an injury, is now on the bench.

Wilson, though, has not merely been demoted to the third string. Also, Wilson will sit out of games.

"Jets have permanently benched Zach Wilson and demoted him to the inactive list. He will not be the 2nd string QB,

Joe Flacco takes over that role. Mike White is QB1,"On Monday, Dov Kleiman posted to Twitter.

The Jets have decided to continue using Mike White since they are still in strong postseason contention.

Wilson, on the other hand, might have participated in his last New York Jets games.