There are more and more rumors about the Blockbuster Bills Trade.

Even though it's unlikely, the Buffalo Bills might make a big trade this offseason.

It's about the great wide receiver Stefon Diggs, whose brother, Trevon, posted a picture of Stefon in a Cowboys jersey that had been edited.

Even though that may not mean much, it has led some people to think that a big change is coming.

Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk says that if a trade were to happen, it would probably have to wait until after June 1.

If it happened before that date, the Bills would have to pay a cap charge of $34.775 million for next season.

Since the Bills are trying to win right now, they will probably try to keep him because Josh Allen likes to throw to him.

Since he is one of the best at his job, the goal should be to build around him.

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During the off-season, it should be fun to keep an eye on this one.