Tiger Woods' Golf Comeback Hopes Rise After a surprise round.

Tiger Woods, the renowned golfer, had to miss much of the season due to injuries, last appearing at the Masters in April.

Despite his desire to return quickly and show his prowess, ongoing injuries prevented his comeback.

Recently, Tiger Woods surprised fans by playing golf at the Liberty National Golf Course in New Jersey.

Speculation has arisen about whether this signals his imminent return to professional golf, although the outcome remains uncertain.

Tiger Woods won't be participating in the Ryder Cup, as he continues to recover from injuries.

He plans to support the US team in a different capacity, offering advice and insights to help them succeed.

Woods' experience and expertise are considered valuable assets for the US team aiming for victory on European soil.

Zach Johnson, a member of the team, emphasised Woods' ongoing involvement and support despite his absence from the tournament.

Tiger Woods remains passionate about the Ryder Cup, even though he cannot compete physically at this time.

His return to professional golf will depend on his recovery and physical condition in the future.