Tiger Woods' Ryder Cup Legacy: More Than a Player

Tiger Woods will not be playing as a player or serving as a vice-captain at the upcoming Ryder Cup at Marco Simone.

Despite his absence, Woods will still have a role in supporting Team USA, offering his wisdom and counsel from afar.

Woods has a strong patriotic commitment to Team USA and a wealth of Ryder Cup experience.

Zach Johnson, the Team USA captain, confirmed that Woods will be available for advice and guidance if needed.

Woods has participated in eight Ryder Cups, with a career record of 13 wins, 21 defeats, and three halves.

He previously served as an assistant captain at Hazeltine in 2016 and provided motivation and advice even when absent from the team.

Woods has a history of sending motivating text messages to his teammates, such as the memorable message, "Now step on their necks,

during a dominant lead.He has also provided advice during the Presidents Cup, demonstrating his involvement and commitment.

Woods is considered an inspirational figure for Team USA, and his input is highly valued by the team's leadership. It is suggested that 

Tiger Woods could become a Ryder Cup captain in the future, possibly as early as 2025 or 2027, given his success as a captain-in-waiting.