Tiger Woods's inflammatory joke is defended by Paige Spiranac.

After out-driving him on the ninth hole of the first round of the Genesis Invitational, Tiger Woods performed a controversial joke on Justin Thomas by putting a

tampon into his hand. Some people criticized Woods because they thought the joke was sexist, but now a well-known woman in the world of golf is standing up for him.

Paige Spiranac, a major social influencer in the world of women's golf, rushed to Tiger Woods' defense after the news of the event broke, saying that she would "rage"

if Woods were "cancelled" because of his joke.Spiranac said in a tweet. “If anyone tries to cancel Tiger over this we riot. It’s funny,”

On the other hand, Paige Spiranac didn't stop there. The influential person made an even more audacious statement to Woods's detractors.

It's funny to see women get worked up about Tiger giving JT a tampon after he outdrives him, but then turn around and criticize the way I run my business.

Spiranac argued that "feminism is an all-or-nothing deal," rather than something that may be selectively practiced.

Spiranac is alluding to the backlash she's received for the enormous social media following she's amassed thanks to her willingness to bare her body.