Tom Brady gives Patrick Mahomes what he deserves for his parade antics.

At this week's championship parade for the Kansas City Chiefs, Patrick Mahomes' antics drew a proper response from Tom Brady.

On Wednesday, the Kansas City Chiefs celebrated their Super Bowl victory against the Philadelphia Eagles with a procession through the streets.

Mahomes brought some nice extras and seemed like he was having a blast.

While posing for pictures with supporters, the Chiefs' top quarterback was spotted downing beers and accidentally leaving the Lombardi Trophy behind.

Mahomes appeared to be under the influence, prompting Brady's comedic response.

Brady joked,“Looks like appropriate parade behavior to me.”The now-retired quarterback's behavior during the 2015 Tampa Bay Buccaneers parade was referenced in a tweet by Brady.

During the Buccaneers' victory parade, Brady became so inebriated that he had to be restrained

Brady was amused by his own reaction to his actions. That is a memory he refuses to let fade.