A petition to re-play the World Cup final has nearly reached the 200,000 signature mark.

Even though Lionel Messi hoisted the trophy, Argentina took it back home to their people, and Emi Martinez is still causing controversy in France, a petition is circulating to

re-play the World Cup final that took place on Sunday.Nearly 200,000 individuals as of Friday morning have signed a petition on the... you guessed it... French website MesOpinions

demanding a redo of the match from last Sunday.After a thrilling 3-3 draw at the Lusail Stadium in Doha, Argentina won the World Cup on penalties to claim their third title.

Messi scored a penalty kick as the South Americans took a commanding 2-0 lead in Doha, Qatar. Ousmane Dembele was called for pulling down Angel Di Maria.French fans are demanding

a rematch because, among other things, they lost and, according to the petition, there were problems with Argentina's first two goals.It has been suggested that Dembele did not

commit the foul that resulted in the opening penalty, despite the fact that referee Szymon Marciniak has been lauded for his performance.Small as the collision may have been,

it was enough to send the winger tumbling inside the penalty area. Then, some supporters believe Cristian Romero was at fault for a foul on Mbappe that sparked the stunning

counterattack that led to Di Maria's goal.Petition campaigns like these are nothing new in sports; one was started last summer after France was eliminated from Euro 2020 by

Switzerland on penalties; the argument at the time was that Swiss goalkeeper Yann Sommer was out of position when he saved Kylian Mbappe's kick.

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