The problem of Unemployment in India

Introduction: India is facing many problems. the problem of unemployment is one of them the whole worlds facing this problem, but India is one the worst sufferers. Both the educated and uneducated are facing the problem. It has created havoc in society. The government is finding it very difficult to solve.

Types of Unemployment:

There are two types of unemployment. First, there is unemployment among uneducated persons. Secondly, there is unemployment among educated persons. The latter has become more serious than the former. In a way, both are serious and need a solution.

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Causes of Unemployment:

following are the five major causes of unemployment :

a) illiteracy:

The main cause of unemployment among the poor is illiteracy. Farmers and laborers do not know how to utilize their leisure time in cottage industries. They do not know that they can prepare small things and earn some money.

b) over-population:

overpopulation is also an important cause. The growing population has raised many problems. The land is limited. it cannot be extended vis a vis with the increase in population. There is not enough work for all. The jobs are limited. So millions of educated youths are unemployed.

c) Defective system of education:

Defective education system has also created unemployment among the educated people. There is only theoretical education. We haven’t an job oriented education system . The students who take degrees and diplomas get only an academic education. They have to undergo further training for the job they are interested in.

d) Hate for manual labour :

Besides this , an educated youth hates manual labour. He wants a white collar job. They wants a light job. He hates to do low work. He does not get the job he likes and he does not take up the job he can get even if it is more paying.

e) Mechanisation:

The ever increasing use of machines has its adverse effect on employment. THe invention of machine has thrown away many labourers out of employment. Gandhiji warned the people against industrialization.

The result from unemployment :

Unemployment results in penal crimes like thefts, dacoities, strikes, bloody revolutions, wars, bribery,corruption, agitations indiscipline , murders etc., because an empty mind is a devil’s workshop. A hungry man can do any wrong.

Conclusion- The remedy :

The chief remedy for unemployment is to have a check on population. There should be late marriages. Atifical checks are also useful. The Goverment should begin small scale industries. Co-operative farming will also be helpful. The system of education should be changed. There should be practical teaching. It should meet the needs of changing times. It should enable the youths to be self- reliant. In this way this problem can be solved.