A visit to a Historical Place- English Essay.

English Essay

Historical Place Essay. Historic monuments are our national heritage. Introduction: History teaches us about the culture, traditions, customs etc., of our ancient civilisation. It is also a part of education as remarked by Francis Bacon, “Travel in younger sort is a part of education, in the elder a part of experience.” Our History teacher believes … Read more

If I were the Prime Minister of India- English Essay.

English Essay

English Essay. India is largest democracy in the world. It is a multi-racial, multi-linguistic country. Her culture is said to have “unity in diversity”. India has a large area with all kinds of climate from the coldest Kashmir and Ladakh to the hottest plains of Punjab and Tamil Nadu and the wettest Assam and driest … Read more

The problem of Unemployment in India

Introduction: India is facing many problems. the problem of unemployment is one of them the whole worlds facing this problem, but India is one the worst sufferers. Both the educated and uneducated are facing the problem. It has created havoc in society. The government is finding it very difficult to solve. Types of Unemployment: There … Read more