If I were the Prime Minister of India- English Essay.

English Essay. India is largest democracy in the world. It is a multi-racial, multi-linguistic country. Her culture is said to have “unity in diversity”. India has a large area with all kinds of climate from the coldest Kashmir and Ladakh to the hottest plains of Punjab and Tamil Nadu and the wettest Assam and driest Rajasthan.

All this makes India a highly difficult country to manage. If I were the Prime Minister of India, I would give my first attention to the eradication of corruption. I would deal very firmly with the corrupt black-marketers and the hoarders who create scarcity and fleece the poor people. I would also not spare the tax-evaders. Then I would order a crackdown on the anti-social elements who indulge in smuggling, drug-trafficking, rapes, murders, dacoities and the like. I would give full attention to increase production both in agricultural and industrial spheres.

English Essay

I would listen to people’s complaints and would try to bring a reform in the educational system and would make it attain international standards. I would give much more attention to scientific and technical education and would also try to create more jobs to eliminate the menace of unemployment which is a source of misery and depression for our young men. and would introduce several schemes for self-employment, child welfare, adult education and free female education also I would weaponise our armed forces with nuclear weapons to safeguard our country’s freedom and security.

All the same, I would try my level best to maintain most cordial relationships with our country’s neighbours. I would try to increase exports and would also reduce imports of luxury and unnecessary items. I would also order an end to wastages in public life.

Electoral and judicial reforms in our country are an urgent necessity and I would not shirk from this responsibility. I would try to bring about one party rule at the centre with a strong healthy opposition instead of coalition governments.

I would also try to raise the moral standards of the people, starting from the top, to make people realise the importance of character, protraction, mutual help and civic sense and I would try my best to make India a strong and viable nation to raise her head high in the community of nations.

Difficult Words: multi-racial विभिन्न नस्लें unity in diversity अनेकता में एकता; climate = मौसम: = wettest = सबसे अधिक बारिशवाला manage देखभाल करना; eradication दूर करना; hoarders = जमाखोर scarcity = अभाव, कमी: tax-evaders करों की चोरी करने वाले complaints = शिकायतें; safeguard = सुरक्षा; coalition governments = गठबन्धन सरकारें; protraction स्थायित्व; civic sense समाज में रहने की समझ ।

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