The Place of Women in Society- English Essay

The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.


Men make society but women make men. Women are more nation. The progress and prosperity of a country truly depends on its women. Every nation i proud of its great men. These men were made great by the women who sowed the seeda greatness in them. Women are the real guides of men and therefore the real maker of nation’s important for destiny.

About the great significance of women, Napoleon remarks: Give us good women, we will have a great civilization, Give us good mothers, we will have a great nation.

The Place of Women in Society- English Essay on women

Women nowadays:

Women were highly respected in ancient India. Even in the days of India’s slavery some women were famous and great. Independence opened the paths of progres for every Indian. It was true in the case of women too. Their rise had begun even befor independence when they took part with men in the struggle for freedom. Today we find Indian women doing a good job in every field. The teaching and the medical profession will show you number of very efficient women. But this is not all. Women today are social and political leaders. They have proved to be very able administrators too. Our Prime Minister Indirs Gandhi was counted among the most shrewd political leaders of the world. In short, women are at the forefront in every field of activity.

Various roles:

Today we have women as scientists, business executives, police officers, pilots and research scholars. Women teachers and doctors are really sympathetic. They do really great service as social workers. Most of the schemes of the government are better supported and executed by women workers and volunteers. They can reach and impress women better. The condition of rural women has been made much better by Gram-Sevikas. They are now free from superstitions and ignorance.

The Place of Women in Society- English Essay on Women

The greatest role that women are able to play is in the promotion of fine arts. The culture of our nation is known and admired all over the world. Indian women have made great progress in the arts of singing, dancing, painting, acting and fashion-designing. Some are coming out as great heads of business.


If we carefully mark the work being done by women in India today, we can prophesy that India will one day rise to be a leader of mankind. And women will play the most important role in making India great.

Difficult Words: prosperity = समृद्धि;; efficient = कार्य कुशल; Prophesy = भविष्यवाणी करना। executed = क्रियान्वित, superstition : अन्धविश्वास; ignorance = अज्ञानता |

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